Moozlie and DJ Zinhle met Usher Raymond.

Moozlie and DJ Zinhle’s Memorable Encounter with R&B Icon Usher Raymond.

Moozlie and DJ Zinhle recently had the incredible opportunity to meet the renowned US R&B artist, Usher Raymond. The duo embarked on a journey to Las Vegas, where they attended the unveiling of French cognac powerhouse Rèmy Martin’s latest global campaign, titled “Life is a Melody.” Usher, known for his remarkable contributions to music through eight studio albums, graced the event with his presence.

Sharing her excitement, Moozlie took to her social media on a Tuesday, reflecting on the moment with a caption that read, “Remembering that unforgettable encounter with Usher in Vegas. #LifeIsAMelody takes on a special meaning, especially when you #TeamUpForExcellence with Remy Martin SA. What’s the melody of your life? For me, it’s undoubtedly about moving forward with the grace of God.”

Usher is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming album, building anticipation among his fans worldwide.

The essence of the “Life is a Melody” campaign revolves around a track from Usher’s forthcoming album, drawing inspiration from the concept that life’s most beautiful melody is composed of diverse ideas and experiences. Usher himself explained, “Throughout my career as an artist, my music has been shaped by various facets of life that find expression through my melodies. I’m truly thrilled to continue my collaboration with Rémy Martin, representing their exceptional Cognac offerings including the 1738 Accord Royal and, for the first time, Rémy Martin XO. This campaign allows me to provide an exclusive preview of my new music, encapsulating the boundless potential and exquisite harmony of artistic composition.”

The rendezvous between Moozlie, DJ Zinhle, and Usher at the “Life is a Melody” launch underscores the enchanting power of music to bring together artists and ideas from around the world.

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